Dibutuhkan Pustakawan: Mentari School

Tanggal diterima info: 13 September 2017 Sumber berita: JobStreet Pemberi info: Admin JobStreet Info: Untuk posisi Pustakawan, klik tautan di bawah ini: Pustakawan, Mentari School Untuk posisi Asisten Pustakawan, klik tautan di bawah ini: Asisten Pustakawan, Mentari School


Dibutuhkan Staf Sementara: ASEAN Secretariat Resource Centre

Tanggal diterima info: 6 September 2017 Sumber berita: Grup WhatsApp Pemberi info: Nita Ismayati Info: ASEAN Secretariat Resource Centre needs one temporary Staff for 6 months. Qualification: Undergraduate students from Library and Information Science; Should have knowledge on library database, document retrieval system and classification systems; Meticulous and persistent; English proficiency and computer literacy are... Continue Reading →

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