Dibutuhkan Arsiparis: Highscope Indonesia

Tanggal diterima info: 20 Juni 2016
Sumber berita: Jobstreet
Pemberi info: Lina ~ Jobstreet


HighScope believe that a school is a learning organization. It involves everyone in the system – students, parents, educators, community, government, and business. When people are free to openly express their ideas, they develop their maximum potential and capabilities together, by learning from one another and therefore, we need:


Job description:

  • Responsible to identify and check archives completely;
  • Provide information retrieval system;
  • Manage and maintain documents and other materials that have historical importance for individuals;
  • Controlling archives classification & Cataloguing collections and managing information and records to make them easy to search through;
  • Evaluating, selecting, retrieving, and arranging materials;
  • Coordinate with related parties in order to get master archives;
  • Create and maintain computer archives and databases;
  • Safeguard records by creating film and digital copies;
  • Direct workers who help arrange, exhibit, and maintain collections;
  • Find and acquire new materials for their archives.


  • Age 21 – 35 years old;
  • Minimum Diploma Degree (D3) in Management of Information and document or Librarian;
  • Have experience in database and document filing (minimum 1 year);
  • English proficiency (fluent in speaking and writing) is an advantage;
  • Have strong interpersonal & communication skills;
  • Team player, hard worker & creative;
  • Computer literate;
  • Detail oriented.

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