Dibutuhkan: MNC Media Research

Tanggal diterima info: 23 Februari 2015
Sumber berita: milis the_ics
Pemberi info: Aditya Nugraha


Knowledge and Information Management Section Head – MNC Media Research.

Contact Person: yunita.mandolang [AT] mncgroup.com.


  • More than 5 years experiences in position on: Knowledge Management, Content Management System, Records and Information Management, KM Portal, Archiving, Document Warehouse Management, Library Management, Document Control.
  • Bachelor’s Degree and combination of education and relevant experience.
  • Familiar with digital archive and sound foundation in technology to ensure fluency with all Knowledge Management users.
  • Proficiency with database and spreadsheet programs to ensure strong reporting and data analysis.
  • Strong interpersonal, leadership, communication, and motivational skills.
  • Knowledge on media industry is an advantage.

Job Description:

  • Develops knowledge-based organization; including developing required enablers; culture, process, technology.
  • Defines policies, standards, controls and architecture.
  • Facilitates and monitor compliance.
  • Develops and maintain records management program.
  • Collects, analyzes and presents relevant knowledge to support news media activities.
  • Converges information management and information securities capabilities.
  • Provides advice and recommendation to facilitate business performance improvement.
  • Supports to manage libraries, defines and implements corporate knowledge management strategy and initiatives, and promotes self-learning and self-service habit.
  • Advertisements

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