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The Managing Contractor (MC) for the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD) is the main supporting delivery mechanism for the AIPD. The program supports the Government of Indonesia to strengthen the machinery of government to improve service delivery at the local level. The MC currently has a staff of around 200, situated across 7 offices in Indonesia.

The MC has been functioning since 2011 and has 6 months remaining on its contract. The MC has a professional responsibility to ensure that all technical information, reports and relevant information are handed over to the Government of Indonesia at the end of the program to ensure sustainability of activities as well as ensuring a document history of activities is available. In addition Cardno Emerging Markets as the MC, has a contractual responsibility that “accounts and records must be held for the term of this Contract and for a period of seven (7) years from the date of expiry or termination of this Contract.”

The Archivist is responsible for coordinating the efficient collation, cataloging, referencing and archiving of all AIPD documentation. This will involve the consolidation of a series of different filing systems into a single cohesive master system.

This includes ensuring that a single complete set of all documentation is centrally collated, cataloged and archived.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Archivist will be required to:

  • Work with the AIPD Management Support and Operations Team (MOST) to develop a document record list that represents the complete archival history of the AIPD.
  • Develop a numbering system for Program archiving in consultation with the SOM and MOST.
  • For each document on the master list identify:
    1. Likely Source of document (eg. contractor, MC, counterpart organization).
    2. If Hard or Soft Copy (or both) will be sufficient for archiving purposes.
    3. In what form the document is available.
    4. To which stakeholders a copy will need to be distributed.
    5. Identify a reference number for the document for cataloging purposes.
  • Work with the MOST and other key personnel to source each document. For any documents requiring signatures original documents will be required.
  • Collate all the documents into a single master set of logical hard copy and electronic files in preparation for archiving.
  • Liaise with the MOST to ensure that all original Personnel Contracts and Sub-Contractor Contractors are filed with Head Office prior to the destruction of Program – based copies.
  • Proactively amend the master list of required documents to ensure that a comprehensive master set of documents is available.
  • Work with the SOM, Program Accountant, Cardno Emerging Markets on the logistics of shipping and archiving required documents.
  • Contribute to the development of the Program Activity Completion Report by the provision of document register and requested program documents and reports from files.


  • Develop a plan for archiving over the period, including provincial level documents.
  • Complete Master Document List representing the complete history and records of the AIPD. (Due no later than March 31, 2015).
  • A comprehensive document numbering and referencing system for all AIPD documents and records. (Due no later than May 30, 2015).
  • A complete soft and hard copy of all documents as required under the Master Document List organized and archived in a manner consistent with the referencing system.
  • Document sets for each of the identified stakeholders according to entitlements under the Master Document List.


The archivist will report to AIPD Senior Operations Manager.


  • Appropriate Tertiary qualifications in a relevant field such as Education, Librarianship, Data Management, etc.
  • Relevant refereed experience in data organization and management within a large organizational setting such as Government, Donor based programs, Universities, etc.
  • A logical approach to problem solving.
  • Ability to liaise effectively at all levels of government including Central, Provincial and District.
  • Fluency in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.


March 1 – 31 May 2015.


The Archivist will be based in AIPD Jakarta Office in Cyber 2.

How to Apply

Please send your resume to recruitment [AT] aipd.or.id, deadline: 22 February 2015


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