Systems Administrator for University of Notre Dame, Hesburgh Libraries

Tanggal diterima info: 30 April 2012

Sumber berita: Milis oss4lib

Pemberi info: Mark Dehmlow


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This position provides systems administration and some programming support for the Hesburgh Libraries. The bulk of the work is systems administration, and procures and maintains the infrastructure required for the Libraries to provide services to faculty, staff, and students of the University. This position is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of core applications the library employs in order to provide content and services to the University academic community. This position administers a wide variety of commercially licensed and open source technologies and software stacks and is responsible for the configuration, management, function, availability, and security for those systems. Core duties include:
  • Advanced Linux systems administration including user administration, backup and recovery, security, package maintenance, networking, file systems, and high availability server configurations
  • Advanced administration of production Apache servers, including in depth configuration, proxying, load balancing, high volume performance tuning, security, monitoring and extension (including installation, configuration, monitoring, and performance tuning for mod_perl for PERL applications and Passenger for Ruby on Rails based applications)
  • Installation, configuration, and monitoring of Tomcat application containers
  • Installation and configuration of application frameworks such as Catalyst (Perl), Ruby on Rails, and Zend (PHP)
  • Compilation, installation, and configuration of open source software packages
  • Maintaining networked file systems (NAS), cluster file systems, and host based file systems including SAN storage
  • Management of network based backup systems such as Veritas NetBackup in order to perform backup and recovery operations
  • Management of host based firewalls such as iptables and how to secure hosts for application and client access
  • Configuration and maintenance of enterprise monitoring systems such as Nagios
  • Administration of high volume relational database systems such as MySQL and Oracle
  • Managing application clustering on Linux based systems
  • Supporting application environments for open source languages such as Perl, PHP, Ruby and Java
  • Perl and shell scripting
  • Integrating Windows and Mac based operating systems with Linux servers using Samba
  • High degree of knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol stack with experience in routing and sub nets
  • Setting up and maintaining subdomain DNS entries

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